2010-08-11 18:27:30 Zurück

Another little "fix" for Wordpress' flattr-Plugin (untitled posts)

If you decide to publish a post without title, it will be un-flattr-able using the flattr-Plugin for Wordpress, as the flattr-API cannot (yet?) deal with an empty title. Possible solutions equal those I described for the empty-excerpt-problem. 1. Give the post a title - like you should have done in the first place. – OR – 2. 'fix' the plugin by pasting the following code in line 179 of flattr. php (Version: 0.9.11):
// In case post has no title... if (strlen($cleaner($params['title'])) < 1) { $params['title'] = "Untitled Post"; }
This will give untitled posts the title "Untitled Post" if you really insist on publishing untitled posts.